Google should pull an Android on Facebook

Android’s best weapon against iOS is that it’s a much more open platform. iOS’ elegant user experience comes at a cost – developers have to suffer through approval delays, rejections, private APIs, rules against advertising, and shutdowns. Android, on the other hand is open to carriers, users, and developers. Facebook developers face two major problems. More
Jul 7 2011

Privacy Violations

All sorts of businesses are being built by violating assumptions about the privacy of data. Flickr violated the assumption that you wanted your photos private by default. Before Flickr came along, the default photo sharing model, espoused by Shutterfly, Snapfish etc., was that of private photo sharing. LinkedIn violates the assumption that your resumé is private. More
Oct 15 2010

The iPad is imPortant

Perhaps not in this incarnation – remember the first iPod? But the concept is very, very important for two reasons: – It’s the first computing device that’s social in the real world. The iPhone is something that one person uses at a time. The Laptop screen faces you – two people using it at one time is awkward. More
Feb 23 2010

Extrapolating Computing

Remember when mainframes did all of the computing? And workstations were dumb terminals docked to the mainframes? The terminals had less power, but were more “mobile.” Then everyone got a desktop. And the desktop is where you did most of your computing. And you carried around your underpowered laptop, which had to be synced with your desktop, or docked to a big screen, keyboard and mouse to be usable. More
Nov 6 2009

Tumblr customer service blows me away

When’s the last time that you had an accurate, timely, thorough, and polite response to an email to a free service? ——-Original Message——- Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 14:05:25 -0800 To: Subject: Migrating from squarespace >I’m abandoning my squarespace blog and moving to Tumblr. I have my own >custom domain. More
Feb 21 2008

A User Model for Social Software

After looking at a lot of Facebook apps, I’ve sortof concluded that users: want sex. If they can’t have sex, they want food. If they can’t have food, they want fun. If they can’t have fun, they leave More
Feb 12 2008