Tumblr customer service blows me away

When’s the last time that you had an accurate, timely, thorough, and polite response to an email to a free service?

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Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 14:05:25 -0800
To: support@tumblr.com
Subject: Migrating from squarespace

>I’m abandoning my squarespace blog and moving to Tumblr. I have my own
>custom domain. My old RSS feed is at:
>How do I set my tumblr RSS feed to be at the same address! I don’t
>want to lose all of my subscribers in the move… Can I map the domain
>to tumblr and then set the feed URL from somewhere inside Tumblr? Can
>I use a third-party service like Feedburner to do it?

 Hi, Naval. Tumblr doesn’t allow the creation of a custom RSS feed address. You might try burning your Tumblr feed in FeedBurner, using FeedBurner’s MyBrand feature to associate the burned feed with your custom domain, and then editing the Custom HTML of your Tumblr theme to point browsers/RSS readers to the RSS feed from FeedBurner MyBrand rather than to Tumblr’s default RSS feed.

I know MyBrand will let you keep http://www.naval.mystagingwebsite.com in your feed address. I’m not sure if it will let you keep /journal/rss.xml. You’d have to experiment or ask the FeedBurner folks.

Info from FeedBurner:


Sorry that I can’t be of more help on this issue. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with. Thanks for using Tumblr!

Marc  🙂

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