Web 2.0 Meme Wars Begin

Puzzling Evidence, already one of the funnier and most interesting blogs out there, knocks it out of the park:

“Rael Dornfest and Tim O’Reilly heard about it and, not to be outdone, declared Web 4.0 over pizza last night at Il Fornio.”

As they say, read the whole thing.

One thought on “Web 2.0 Meme Wars Begin

  1. I ran into the same preblom where all of a sudden I couldn’t open an ASPX page from SharePoint Design. I tried all the advice posted above and also tried a repair on SPD and rebooted the server….no luck…..then I tried moving the page (drag and drop) to the root level of the site (allow the aspx page to not be in a folder) and suddenly I could open the page. I don’t know why or the logic behind this, but at least I can keep working on the page……I would love some insight if anyone has some!Thanks

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