The Foundations of Cooperation

“The foundation of cooperation is not really trust, but the durability of the relationship.” – Robert Axelrod

3 thoughts on “The Foundations of Cooperation

  1. I think it is very true…

    All people I started successful business width are still my friends and we have some kind of relationship no matter about all the things that happened in spite of difficulties and problems we had.

    The same thing could be said for marriage it is kind of cooperation LLP 🙂

  2. Have you read W. Edwards Deming’s *The New Economics*?

    “People pulling in opposite directions on a rope only exhaust themselves: they go nowhere. What we need is cooperation. Every example of cooperation is one of benefit and gains to them that cooperate.”

    Consider how economics might be reframed through a lens of cooperation:

    “What Adam Smith taught us is that cooperation is the source of endogenous growth within an economy. Voluntary exchanges and divisions of labor literally create wealth within society. When it’s money rather than goods or services that are exchanged, residual income (i.e., profit) is an excellent proxy for cooperation and endogenous growth. In fact, it’s the best the world has ever known.”

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