Explanations That Reach the Entire Universe

We can understand anything that can be understood
At the beginning of The Fabric of Reality, David Deutsch presents this idea that you don’t need to know every single fact to fundamentally understand everything that can be understood. He presents this vision that there are four fundamental theories from science and outside science: quantum theory, the theory of computation, evolution by natural selection, and epistemology—which is the theory of knowledge. More

The Beginning of Infinity

David Deutsch’s book expanded my repertoire of reasoning
I was pleasantly surprised a couple of years back when I opened an old book that I’d read a decade ago called The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch.  Sometimes you read a book and it makes a difference right away. Sometimes you read a book and you don’t understand it; then you read it at the right time and it makes a difference. More

Science Is the Engine That Pulls Humanity Forward

“Believe in science” is an oxymoron
Welcome, Brett, to the eponymous Naval podcast. The topic that we started out on was the timeless principles of wealth creation. And then we touched a little bit on internal happiness and peace and well-being. I’m first and foremost a student of science. I’m a failed physicist, in the sense that I loved physics, I wanted to pursue it, but I never felt I was going to be great at it. More

Matt Ridley: How Innovation Works, Part 2

Innovation is the parent of prosperity
Naval interviews Matt Ridley, the author of The Red Queen and, recently, How Innovation Works. Also see Part 1. Innovation Famine I have a chapter towards the end of the book where I complain about the fact that we are living through an innovation famine, not an innovation feast—particularly in areas other than digital. More

How to Angel Invest, Part 2

A preview of our other podcast
We have another podcast called Spearhead, where we discuss startups and angel investing. This is a compilation of recent episodes. Also, see Part 1. Everybody Thinks They Already Have Good Judgment It takes years to know if you have good judgment For the past few episodes, we talked about why you should angel invest and how to get proprietary dealflow by building a brand. More

Kapil Gupta: Conquering the Mind

This interview with Kapil Gupta was exclusively for my email list. Highlights People who ask for stock tips aren’t really serious about investing. People who ask for book recommendations aren’t serious about reading. People who ask, “What, what business should I build?” aren’t really serious about entrepreneurship. More

Groups Search for Consensus, Individuals Search for Truth

What society wants for you isn't what’s good for you
What’s considered to be true is fought over. Individuals search for truth but groups search for consensus—and society is the largest group. So the biggest problem we run into is this: What society wants for you is not always what’s good for you. Even smart, critical thinkers go along with many of society’s truths, knowing deep down they are lies.  Here’s a simple example: “Money won’t make you happy” More

The Path to Peace Is Truth

When self-improvement fails, work on discovering the truth
The search for peace is really the search for truth. Try to see the advantage of understanding things by discovering the truth rather than by practice. Let’s say I’m trying to quit smoking. There are techniques I can try, but they’re always painful and difficult. Often, a moment will come when I see myself in a new way that allows the habit to disappear by itself. More