David Deutsch: Knowledge Creation and The Human Race, Part 1

I interview David Deutsch, physicist and author of The Beginning of Infinity. Also see Part 2. Background My goal isn’t to do yet another podcast with David Deutsch. There are plenty of those. I would love to tease out some of the very counterintuitive learnings, put them down canonically in such a way that future generations can benefit from them, and make sure that none of this is lost.  Your work has been incredibly influential for me. More

Matt Ridley: How Innovation Works, Part 2

Innovation is the parent of prosperity
Naval interviews Matt Ridley, the author of The Red Queen and, recently, How Innovation Works. Also see Part 1. Innovation Famine I have a chapter towards the end of the book where I complain about the fact that we are living through an innovation famine, not an innovation feast—particularly in areas other than digital. More