Dare Microsoft Kill Google? (updated)

“Say, that’s a nice ad business you got there. It’d be a real shame if something were to happen to it…”


Sneak peek of IE7 Dialog

Ok, so I Photoshopped this. But, when Microsoft decides that it doesn’t want Google’s revenue stream as much as it wants Google gone, why wouldn’t it do this? And what’s wrong with helping consumers filter out unwanted content on the Internet? 

Update – I’ve created a monster. Abhishek ran off and wrote a Firefox extension to do this. Then again, Customize Google has been around for a while. Actually, this is hitting Mozilla, not Google. You know the Firefox default home page with Google search inside? Well, rumor has it that all of the ad revenue from it goes to the Mozilla foundation – that’s over a billion dollars to fund their fight against IE 7!

Update 2IE 7 breaks Adsense! (Hat tip to Ram).

18 thoughts on “Dare Microsoft Kill Google? (updated)

  1. LOL, this is brilliant – Will tell my boss. ;)I work at Microsoft now, Naval – stumbled upon your blog following a link from Munjal’s blog. Been a long time since we connected and it’s great to see u blogging!Cheers and best wishes.

  2. I’ve heard several times that Microsoft’s main problem in search is that Google is free. This is not true – there is a "cost" to any search of time and mental effort, which users give to Google, and Google resells to advertisers. If that "cost" becomes too high, users can withhold that or go elsewhere – and Google’s revenues will drop.

  3. There is whole new generation of applications/services solely dependant on the ad revenue model. The implications of MS doing what you suggest (IF it ever happens) are huge in terms of availability of free content and services on the Internet, making it unlikely.

  4. Google could get around this very easy… not a biggie. Webmasters love Google. But what if the Top 100 sites disallowed Yahoo and MSN to crawl, as punishment for giving the goverment data… now that be more interesting.

  5. Na5al,One wonders, why hasn’t Microsoft done this already?For that matter, why isn’t there such a default in Firefox? Or Safari?The option is built into Camino (like Firefox, and distributed by Mozilla, but OS X specific) but it’s not turned on by default.

  6. Aren’t you totally missing the fact that, unlike Television, the ads at Google are context-sensitive? That’s exactly the reason why they work, and why people click on them. The common man will not check the box above, as that will mean he will totally miss out on all the ads (for all his searches).

  7. The post from "God" that people like ads is absurd. Google has something like 1% click-through rates, meaning that 99% of the time people aren’t clicking. God, I am The Common Man and I’m telling you that I would be happy to ignore ads just as I hit fast forward on my Tivo…

  8. Why Microsoft IE7? Already most of other browsers come with that option! Firefox, Opera.. u name it. Microsoft recognized it as a pain and tried fixing it.After all, why would I need unsolicited ads after all, be it from Google, MSN search or Yahoo

  9. Hi Naval, Came here thru’ Munjal’s blog. Epinions has been one of my biggest "AHA" moments. It inspired me to launch a (short lived) company. Do you have any plans to start an India office? Makes sense to do it right at the beginning. Please send me an email in case you want to explore further.—- Nir Dhar…(VP/GM for n Software Product Startups…. )

  10. Hi Naval(? is that your name)If there is a revenue cut for firefox when someone uses firefox for browsing and clicks on an ad. Then this is really a terrible thing to do. I do know google as well as yahoo are openly supporting firefox. In US, firefox has default search engine as google and in south east asia, yahoo is the default. I will try and dig out information about this from insiders :).By the way, today i added support to remove adsense ads from third party websites. version 1.1 should be approved sometime soon.I don’t hate google as such, it’s just the coolness of idea :). If it turns out that its hurting firefox, we should pull it off.

  11. IE7 Beta Breaks Google AdSenseBy Ed Oswald, BetaNewsFebruary 8, 2006, 11:53 AMDevelopers testing out the latest version of Internet Explorer 7 are discovering a nasty flaw — the browser seems to be incompatible with Google’s AdSense advertising service. Although the problem seems limited to those running IE7 Beta under Windows XP, it still has some developers worried. For many, AdSense has become the de facto method for generating revenue for their sites. Google generates over $2 billion in revenue yearly from the program alone."Considering that by the end of the year, IE7 should be available for almost all versions of Windows, unless Microsoft wants to face the ire of developers everywhere, it had better fix this," Nathan Weinberg of the InsideGoogle Web log wrote Wednesday. Although it is unknown as to why this is occurring, it is suspected it may have to do with how IE7 now handles JavaScript. Microsoft could not be reached for comment.

  12. Hey .. today i was scanning this book .. laws of internet branding .. in a book store. I was with a friend and the first page read your name. I was surprised and amuzed. it’s not a common phenomena for me to have talked to a person and read his name in a bookstore in a book. I couldn’t help commenting "Hey! I know this guy" ;-). Have heard a lot about Epinions and how many here are looking to replicate the same thing for indian market. I feel honored.

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