Dare Microsoft Kill Google? (updated)

“Say, that’s a nice ad business you got there. It’d be a real shame if something were to happen to it…”


Sneak peek of IE7 Dialog

Ok, so I Photoshopped this. But, when Microsoft decides that it doesn’t want Google’s revenue stream as much as it wants Google gone, why wouldn’t it do this? And what’s wrong with helping consumers filter out unwanted content on the Internet? 

Update – I’ve created a monster. Abhishek ran off and wrote a Firefox extension to do this. Then again, Customize Google has been around for a while. Actually, this is hitting Mozilla, not Google. You know the Firefox default home page with Google search inside? Well, rumor has it that all of the ad revenue from it goes to the Mozilla foundation – that’s over a billion dollars to fund their fight against IE 7!

Update 2IE 7 breaks Adsense! (Hat tip to Ram).