Work the Least for It

Happy people don’t have to work as hard
The quality of our decisions is paramount in the modern age, because we’re all leveraged. You can be leveraged through code, community, media, capital, labor and other ways. If you’re smart, you leverage every decision you make.  If Warren Buffett makes the right decision 85% of the time and his competitors get it right 70% of the time, Buffett will win everything. More

Being Unhappy Is Extremely Inefficient

A peaceful mind makes better decisions
Besides “I’m too smart for it,” the other objection is, “I don’t want it to lower my productivity. I don’t want to have less desire or less work ethic.” Fact check on that is: True. The happier and more peaceful you are, the less likely you are to run out and change the world. More

If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy?

You can increase your happiness without losing your drive
“Happiness is for stupid people.” That’s a common complaint I hear from smart overachievers. They think only dumb or lazy people can be happy. Entrepreneurs will say, “I don’t want to be happy because I want to be successful.” They worry that if they get too happy they’ll lose their desire and won’t work hard anymore. More

Happiness Is a Skill You Can Develop

You’re not stuck at your current level of happiness
The first step to increasing your level of happiness is realizing you can. This is where a lot of people get tripped up. For the vast majority of people, some of their happiness—probably a lot more than they think—is in their control. This step is not easy. You might be stuck on this for a long time. More

Live Long Enough and You’ll Become a Philosopher

This podcast is a practical philosophy of health, wealth and happiness
Let’s talk about why we’re doing this podcast. It’s really a discussion of highly practical philosophy. Philosophy, as we normally think of it, is impractical. It’s abstract and obtuse—something written a long time ago in fancy language. We put it on a pedestal and it feels unapproachable. Sometimes it comes across like truisms. More

Finding Time to Invest in Yourself

If you have to work a “normal job,” take on accountability to build your specific knowledge
This is a transcript of the bonus material at the end of the giant How to Get Rich episode. A common question we get: “How do I find the time to start investing in myself? I have a job.” In one of the tweets from the cutting room floor, you wrote: “You will need to rent your time to get started. More
Jan 13 2020