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A caucasian and U.S. born friend once opined that I was lucky to have been born in a great culture (India), and that Americans have no culture. Not so. She has been living in it for so long that she is a fish in the American cultural ocean – it’s invisible. People leave the world in droves to come to America, for the culture. The culture of freedom, individual liberty, open-ness, and protection from the greatest slaughterer of mankind, government. I’ll take that any day over colorful clothing and spicy food.

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  1. In comparing culture, I also like to compare classes or the caste system in India.There was an article worth reading in the most recent edition of the Economist that talks about caste systems in India. Westerners tend to get their panties in a bunch because "it’s as cruel {insert hyperbole here] "My point always is that the caste system in India is what we refer to as a class system in the States. It’s just more defined with more delineation.

  2. As soon as we start to compare our social systems or try to defend the weakness of a cultural heritage, I find it interesting. I have been in the US for 25 years, before it was fashionable to be Indian as some say. Namaste, as sanskrit true translation tells me "I see the God in you". I want to see the God in all, we are all equal in God’s eyes. My post is not about God, it’s about how cultually we can move forward and create a better world. I just want us to see others loving caring side, even the people who get under my skin. I find that I have a lot of work to do on me, and my weakness is what I try to acknowledge. How I got to this website, and this cultural discussion blows me away, a conversation on a rainy day in Seattle with a young Microsofty talking about GMAT to technology to know cultural influences. Wow, we all have cultural differences, and cultural weakness. India’s greatest weakness to me is the deep rooted caste system, US and the world has it too, but not as deep in my opinion. We the new generation don’t think in the traditional heritage. But are we willing to do something about it, that is what I ask? Trying to defend a weakness is like ignoring a great opportunity for advancement. I am going back to work on my weakness, ouch that hurts:-)Vipin Singh

  3. you said "protection from the greatest slaughterer of mankind, government", I think this comment needs some revision. Such statements are discouraging for people from culture you are trying to look down.

  4. Nitin, that comment is not a comment about culture – it is a comment about how governments are a greater threat to their own people than to other people (i.e., democide / genocide kills more than war). I’ve linked to an article that talks about it, but if you do some research on your own, you will find that it is statistically true.

  5. Americans often confuse culture with history. While America, as a nation, is young, Americans as individuals have the same lenght of history as anyone. If you look up your geneology on, you’ll trace a geneology that runs into the same past as everyone elses.Anyway, Depak Chopra has it right when he cites the interdependancy of of whatever it is that makes up, ‘us’. I’m with him.

  6. I happen to come across this blog today. I wonder how you feel about it in the current environment. I am not so sure that countries are that much different from each other. I grew up in India , reading Michener, quite caught up in the romanticism of it all. Don’t get me wrong. I still love being here, in US, but at the ripe age of 67, I am a lot more aware of the good and the bad. It is all about what you make of it. And, clearly you have a made a lot of it! And, by the way, kudos to your mother for obvious reasons!

  7. Finally discovered this blog in 2018. I just read the two most recent posts and was so impressed that I’m starting at the beginning, and wow does the blog start off with a bang and instantly 100% relevant to now! Looking forward to this journey of discovery and learning how one becomes a world influencer. Dali

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